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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 400 Mhz, RAM: 128 MB, Video Adapter: 1024 X 768 @ 256 color
System Recommendations:
CPU: Pentium 1 Ghz, RAM: 256 MB, 17" Monitor, Video Adapter: 1024 X 768 @ 16 bit color
The program will display at 800 X 600 and 256 colors but will be much easier to work with at a resolution of 1024 X 768. Although it is not strictly necessary, it is highly desirable to have the computer on which PC Spray resides configured to connect to the internet and to be able to send and receive email. Installation of PC Spray will initially require approximately 40MB of free disk space.

A good quality laser printer is probably the best for heavy business use. Inkjet printers are fine if you need to print color logos or wish to print color reports. We have some customers using dot-matrix printers with acceptable results however we don't generally support them. Material that is sent to the customer is formatted to be folded into thirds and used with a #10 window envelope (left side window).

Operating System: Windows XP and Windows 7.

User Guidelign=

User Guide

We recommend taking the time to read through the PC Spray User Manual. You can download a copy here.

Installation Help

Installation Help

Download the software to a folder on your computer that you're familiar with (eg. "My Documents") so you can easily find it when it's finished downloading.
Double-click the file you downloaded (eg. pcSpray.exe) to start installing the software. Installation help can be found here: click here

Help is available by clicking on the question mark icon on the toolbar or selecting an option from the Help drop down of the main menu. Pressing the F1 key from anywhere in the program will take you to the help for the area that you are looking at.

When closing the program, if you use the File>Exit command, it will automatically create a backup file.

Pressing the Alt key in combination with the < or > key will allow you to scroll through records, one record at a time while keeping your hands on the keyboard.

Sending a mailing to your customers is made simple. Mailing labels can be generated for your customers easily by going to the Letters/Labels command from the Main Switchboard screen